Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our crafty Easter eggs.

Every year we drag out the glitter, glue and craft paint and spend the evening together decorating the Easter eggs.  This year I boiled 36 eggs and only ended up with 14 that didn't crack- no clue what happened there.

Tiny paint brushes, craft paint, glue and glitter resulted in our yearly crafty eggs.

My favorite is the tiny blue birds in a nest, Savannah Grace's is her golden glittered egg and Steve's is his Alabama Crimson Tide egg. 

The time we spend decorating the eggs each year are precious and fond memories for us all.


  1. Whew, those eggs definitely put ours to shame! LOL I only boiled a dozen this year and they were just the normal colored eggs. Maybe next year when the kids are older we'll try something more elaborate. Does the glitter get on the eggs when you're cracking the shells to eat them?

  2. No, the glitter doesn't get on the egg white when peeled. We actually paint craft glue on the egg and then glitter, so it's really "attached". I always wash the egg after peeling also though, just to be "safe".