Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Extend the life of your Funtainer !

Extend the life of your Funtainers with this easy fix!

Has your child outgrown the prints on those great lunchbox Funtainers as mine has?  I discovered a way to remove the decal/picture.

Dampen the container, pour Bar Keepers Friend powder straight onto the image and rub with a damp washcloth corner. The powder is what does the work, so keep reapplying. Took me about 20 minutes.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm one smart cookie because of you - Teacher gift

Teacher Appreciation Week - Day 4 gift!

I'm one smart cookie because of you

I bought these chip/dip containers at Big Lots last year at the end of summer for very little, in anticipation of using them as teacher gifts this year.

I printed the teacher name on the computer and taped it to the underside of the lid.

I then used a Testors brand enamel paint marker to "trace" the name onto the top of the container. 

Marker was found it in the model section - It is used to customize model cars. It was about $6.00 BUT it works great!  I have found, over the years, that standard paint pens wash off, but this doesn't seem to.

You could also use outdoor vinyl, if you have access to it and a cutting machine.

I filled the container with all sorts of cookies, tied in individual bags or prepackaged.

I then tied with a pretty ribbon and attached a little tag, which reads "I'm one smart cookie because of you".

I really liked the way these tuenout out, and how very simple.  I will be watching summer clearance again this year to use the idea again next year.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Teachers light the way to a successful future" - Teacher Appreciation Day candle

Teacher Appreciation week - Day 3

"Teachers light the way to a successful future"  - Teacher Appreciation Day candle

I bought single candles for $1.00 at Walmart, attached the above quote to the jar itself, tied with a pretty ribbon and tag - voila!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Rest and Relaxation Kit For Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift - Day Two!

Pull top can gift - Emergency rest and relaxation kit for teachers. 


Fruit and/or veggie cans with pull tops.

Scrapbook paper


Embellishments of your choice

E6000 adhesive

Contents for your can.

Step 1 -

Open cans from the bottom with a crimp type can opener.  Wash and rinse them.  Keep each lid with that specific can because each can is different.  Also make sure the cans you choose have the straight bottom and not the curved bottom (those will not open with the can opener).

Step 2 -

Print your specific "instructions" and glue them on the inside of the can lid.  This needs to be a thick/good glue so it sticks to the lid and doesn't pull away when opened.  You do this so when the person pulls the pull top, the instructions are on the underside.  Allow to dry before proceeding.

Mine read -

1.  Hang sign on bathroom door.
2.  Close and lock door.
3.  Run a nice hot bath and
     add dry bubbles.
4.  Relax in bath while eating
     chocolate and playing with
     little rubber duck (go ahead,
     no one is watching).
5. Emerge from bath refreshed
    and relaxed (until tomorrow

Step 3 -

Fill the can with your desired items.  I used a small door sign, a mini rubber duck, bath confetti, and some chocolate.

Step 4 -

Add a little paper shreds or Easter grass on top of your items.  Glue the bottom back onto the can with E6000 adhesive.  Hold the bottoms on with rubber bands until they dry.

Step 5 -

Cut your scrapbook paper to a size to fit around the can.  Add your custom label - mine reads "Emergency rest and relaxation kit for teachers.  When it has been "just one of those days" pull top and follow instructions."

Glue labels to the outside of the cans and allow to dry.

Step 6 -

Tie decorative ribbons to the top tab, add embellishments (I used paper flowers), and name tags.

Give your cute creations to your favorite teachers!

S'more teacher gift!

Teacher Appreciation Week - Day One!

Today's gift was so very simple...

You will need...

Plastic treat bags
Card stock - I used blue to match the printed image.
Printable s'more bag tag (found here -  I cut the assembly instructions off the back half, because I bought pre-made s'mores.
Premade S-mores (I found these cute premade ones at Publix last week $1.50 each) or graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows.
Glue, and stapler.


Cut card stock to fit your printed image and glue the image onto it.  Since I just used the front portion of the printable, I printed "Thank you for being such a great teacher" and my child's name, on the back of the bag topper.

Put s'more ingredients into the bag and fold down the top.

Staple the bag topper to the bag.

SUPER simple and CUTE!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's A Ladybug Birthday Bash!

It is birthday time again and this years chosen theme is ladybugs.  After months and months of planning, searching, bartering, crafting and organizing, our ladybug birthday bash was a huge success with Savannah Grace and her friends.

With the increased popularity of pinterest, ideas are more abundant than ever, making it a great resource for idea sharing and idea collecting.  A close knit group of fellow crafters are also an invaluable asset at party planning time!

Now - deciding on what type of party to have?  Savannah Grace decided on a sleep over party at a local hotel, where the girls could swim in the heated pool, have dinner, pedicures, a craft, snacks, and lots of tween girl time.

We sat down together and planned an itinerary to insure time was planned for best use and the girls had a great time.  I then printed this itinerary on the backside of the invitation to give each party guest an idea of the planned activities.

The invitation

The invitation sets the entire mood for your party - make it a great one!

I decided on a ladybug in a jar type invitation.  I saved peanut butter jars for months and months for our project, only to discover on fabrication day that the jars I chose were way to small to fit a leaf design, with print large enough to actually read.  I eventually used deli containers from the local restaurant supply store, since I didn't have time to eat 6 giant jars of peanut butter.

I printed a leaf pattern from google search and traced it onto my previously printed green card stock(print first so you can center the leaf over your text.  This took several trials to get the text to fit onto a leaf that would fit into the jar.) and attached a small fabric ladybug.  I also made a little RSVP card the same way.

I put a few green paper shreds into the bottom of the container, inserted the leaf and RSVP card, and put the top on the container.  I cut fabric circles to cover the top of the container and give a little additional color, tied with a little ribbon and tag.

The Birthday Outfit

It is getting harder and harder to make a birthday outfit as Savannah Grace gets older.  This year I found an inspiration dress on pinterest and decided to do something similar.

I ordered a plain cotton dress blank, freehand drew a ladybug and painted with fabric paint.  This was not one of my easiest projects but turned out okay and did fit the theme exactly.

Party Favors

We bought ladybug pillow pets at a local store, using percent off coupons, for each guest.  I bought plain white sleep shirts from Hobby Lobby, used an iron on rhinestone ladybug, and personalized each with guest names.  We picked up ladybug slipper socks at Target for 90% off during the after Valentines day clearance sale.

Decorations and Party Supplies

Who would have known ladybug party supplies would be so hard to find?  Well, traditional red, black and white ladybug party supplies anyway.  I found many pink and green ladybug options, but very little in the traditional ladybug look.

I purchased one style napkin from an online party store, one at a local Party City, and used plain red square plates (from Target Valentines sale), and red plastic ware (also from Target clearance).

I always order balloons from ebay, since I can usually get all I need from one seller and get so much more variety than running from store to store.

Paper pom poms and streamers.  The streamers were Valentines day, I just replaced the heart dangle with a ladybug.

I bought simple party blowers from Dollar Tree and replaced the standard picture with our ladybug paper crafted design.

Birthday banner - made by cutting two sets of letters, punching holes in the top set and layers them for the ladybug spots.  Basic circles cut of card stock as the background and all tied with polka dot ribbon.

A Perfectly Wrapped Gift

I am also obsessed with finding the perfect gift wrap for the party theme.  This year I found the paper at Christmas and my Mother in law found the ribbon at either Costco or Sams (can't remember which).  A very generous friend cut the ladybug embellishments on her cricut for me.

The Cake - well, Cupcake!

I chose jumbo cupcakes this year from our local bakery - just plain white cake and white butter cream.  I made cupcake wrappers by laminating fabric (since I could not find the perfect paper), cutting out the design, wrapping around the cake and hot gluing shut (not sure what other adhesive would work because of the laminating).  The adorable ladybugs were made of fondant by another very generous friend, whom I could craft with all day long - if she didn't live hundreds of miles away!

Party Food

Ladybug lollipops - found at Walmart in the Easter section.  I just re wrapped them in clear bags.

Black forest brownie push pops - Brownies cut into shape and layered with buttercream and cherry filling.  LOVE these push pop containers - I ordered mine from ebay, but they also can be found on etsy.

White chocolate pretzel sticks.

Chocolate ladybugs.

Assorted candy in the party colors with the cutest sliver scoop.  I bought the scoops from ebay, attached matching ribbon and a little ladybug button.

Sprite in decorated bottles.  Bottles are recycled Starbucks bottles from the supermarket (made hubby drink those things for weeks), a little ribbon and ladybug embellishment mades them adorable.  Topped off with cute black straws.

The Party Table

Craft Project

The girls made bottle cap necklaces.  I ordered the cords and individual monogram disc's from ebay, bought the caps and ladybug charms from Hobby Lobby.

Ladybug Pedicures

Cute little ladybug decals ordered from ebay.

The Following Morning Breakfast

Apple scone, sausage links, fruit, and chocolate milk.

Another birthday, and another year older for my baby girl.  I can't even look back and see where all the years have gone.  Providing my precious little girl with birthday memories she will always remember is all I can hope for.