Saturday, April 23, 2011

How to make a fabric basket liner.

Since our dear Maine Coon cat has decided that Easter basket grass is his new favorite treat, we can't bring it into the house.  I couldn't use the cute colored grass as always and needed to make a basket liner to dress up the plain white basket.  It was relatively easy and took about an hour to complete.

You will need...

Basket of your choice - any shape or size would work about the same.
Fabric of your choice - craft felt would even work.
Brown paper bags or newspaper - to make your pattern.
Pen, pencil or marker.
Straight pens.
Coordinating sewing thread.

Step 1 -

Using the brown paper bag or newspaper on the OUTSIDE of your basket - measure the height and circumference of your basket and cut for your pattern (be sure to add for the amount of fabric you would like to hang over the outside of your basket).

Step 2 -

Set your basket on paper and trace around the bottom, adding 3/4" seam allowance.

Step 3 -

Using the pattern pieces you made from paper - cut from your desired fabric.  You will have the long fabric piece, which becomes the walls of your basket liner and a round circle, which becomes the bottom of your basket liner.

Sew the long rectangular piece together to make a "tube" and hen one edge to make a nice finish edge.

Pin the "tube" to the circle, gathering as you go to make it fit. 

Sew the bottom to the sides where you have pinned.

Step 4 -

Fit the liner into your basket and cut slits on each side where the handle fits. 

Turn the liner over the edge of the basket to the desired fit. 

Hem or zig zag stitch the slits to finish them and keep from raveling.

Using more of your fabric make some simple ties and sew to each side of the slits where the handle with be.

You now have a custom basket liner so the Easter Bunny can fill the basket for your precious little ones....

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  1. Love the basket...but where are your Easter pics?! :)