Friday, April 8, 2011

Customize Chinese Lanterns

In my search for party decorations I found these cute Chinese lanterns at Dollar Tree but they are less than our ideal party color choices.  I decided to decoupaged them to give a new look. 

Supplies needed -

Paper Chinese lanterns - white works best
Small paint brush (I used 1")
Mod Podge
Tissue paper
Paper napkins in your color/pattern choice
Ribbon for bow and streamers
Ribbon for hanging

Instructions -

I first spray painted the lanterns white since the ones I bought for $1.00 were yellow (they can be found already white).

Cut the tissue paper into small squares then twist the center, forming a small "puff".

Cute slits into each end of your paper napkins - makes them easier to go around the top and bottom edges.

I then painted a thick layer of mod podge over the entire surface of the lantern.

Lay the napkins (It took two for my lanterns) on the lantern and add another layer of mod podge on the top, using your paint brush to push the napkin into the lantern grooves.

Cut the extra napkin from the top and bottom edges.

Let the lanterns dry over night.

Hot glue the tissue paper puffs around the top and bottom edges to add some extra detail.

Make bows from your desired ribbon and attach to the front top.

Hang your lanterns from small ribbon at the desired lengths.

Enjoy your beautiful, custom and cheap party decoration.

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