Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sock Cupcake's

Our final teacher appreciation week craft are these sweet sock cupcakes!

Suggested supplies -

Fuzzy socks
Rubber bands
12 x 12 card stock (pattern or color of your choice)
Craft glue
Plain and decorative edge scissors
Cellophane bags
Gift tags

Step 1 -

Place one sock on top of the other and roll from the toe end to the open end.  Secure near the bottom with a rubber band.  Pull the layers from the top to achieve the icing/frosting look.


Step 2 -

Make a pattern from scrap paper for your cupcake wrapper.  I started with a regular food cupcake liner and enlarged until it fir the sock frosting.  Then trace your pattern onto 12 x 12 card stock (you can get three per page).

Step 3 -

Cute the liners out and trim the top with your chosen decorative scissors.

Step 4-

Apply craft glue to the edge as shown and press the liner together to form the cupcake cup.

Step 5 -

Insert the frosting socks into the liners, put into cellophane bags and tie with a pretty ribbon.

These can be given for any occasion by just changing the gift tag wording.

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