Monday, May 2, 2011

Custom Retractable Name Badge Clip

This is our Teacher Appreciation craft for Tuesday of Teacher Appreciation Week.

Suggested supplies -

Retractable badge clips (found at Dollar Tree)
1 1/2" button covers (for this project you will only use the back pieces)
Artwork (clip art printed from your computer, wrapping paper, magazine images, photos, etc.)
Coordinating ribbon
E6000 adhesive
Craft glue
Dimensional Magic (variations of this product are sold).  You can also use any of the resin type products used in jewelry/charm making.

Step 1-

Remove the button shank from the button cover back piece using pliers.

Step 2 -

Using the button back trace around your image and cut out (inside your line so it fits).

Step 3 -

Using the button cover back, with the "lip" side up.  Glue your image onto the back inside the "lip" area.

Step 4 -
This step is necessary only if you are using images or graphics printed from your home printer.
Put a thin coat of craft glue over the top of your image and let dry completely before adding the dimensional magic. If you don't "protect" your paper image the dimensional magic will soak into the paper leaving it distorted.  You could also laminate your image before gluing into the button and eliminate this step.

Step 5 -

Flood the entire inside of the button cover back with dimensional magic, pop any air bubbles with a pin (this is why you use the side with the lip/rim). The image will be cloudy appearing until it dries completely.

Step 6 -

Cut lengths of ribbon to cover the strap part of your clip.  Seal the ends of your ribbon by using seam sealer or heating the ends with a lighter.  Using the E6000 glue the ribbon to the strap part (craft glue will NOT work for this attachment as it will simply peel off when dry).  Make a coordinating bow and glue that, or other embellishment, to the front.

Step 7 -

Using the E6000, glue the dry covers to the front of your badge clips.

Your badge clips are now complete.  Attach them to cardstock and put in clear craft bags for gift giving.

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